Dear Friends,

The Culver City Council election is coming up on April 10th. I am emailing all my Culver City Friends, posting messages on Facebook and MySpace and sending out a tweet to my followers to VOTE FOR SCOTT MALSIN!
Scott is a friend of mine and my family’s. He has always supported the things I believe in. Now my turn to support Scott.
During his years on the City Council he’s done so much that I can’t even begin to set it out here, so I encourage you to go to his website ( and learn what he’s all about. Besides that, he’s a great, caring friend. It’s the combination of his strength, intelligence and warmth that I want you to know about.
The coming years are going to be tough. Our city could face municipal bankruptcy. We need Scott’s experience, creativity, and balanced outlook on the Council to keep our city strong and to keep the progress going.

One thing I love about Scott is how accessible and open he is. Scott is the type of person that even if he hasn’t spoken to you in a long time, he remembers you, your issues, and is ready to listen.  He wanted me to let you know that if you want to talk with him directly just give him a call at 310-895-5608 or send him an email at

I really believe in Scott and really want to see him win so I’m asking for your help. Please forward this to your friends and to any groups you’re involved in. Let me know when you’ve done so, and ask your friends to do the same, so I can let Scott know we’re with him and we’re making it happen!



Suzanne (Suzie) Glaser

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