An Easy 3 Part Guide To Listing Your Home For Sale With
What we will do when listing your home

What sets me apart from other agents
What you need to know when listing your home

4 important steps we’ll take when listing your home 4 sale: 

  1. Assess your needs
  2. Discuss pricing, STAGING & showings
  3. Examine marketing strategies
  4. Address your questions & concerns

1. We’ll meet to assess your needs:

Why are you selling? Is this the right time for you to sell? To where are you moving? What is your time line? What will your net proceeds be? Do you have enough equity to sell? What are your sales costs?

2. We’ll discuss pricing, STAGING & showings:

What are comparable properties selling for? What is your home’s competition in the current market? How does the condition and location of your home affect the list price?

What simple improvements can be made to your home to be in the best showing condition possible? What furniture needs to be removed, added or rearranged to help the home look its best?

When are the best times to show the home? How much notice do you need? How many Open Houses should you expect?…

3. We’ll examine marketing strategies:

Where will most buyers see your home listed for sale? In what websites, newspapers and other publications will the home be advertised? What parts of the home should be featured in the photos and description? How important is a virtual tour and professional-looking flyers? What about direct mailers and email notifications?…

Download (VIRUS FREE) to see a few L.A. Village REALTY sample Flyers:

  • Flier 1
  • Flier 2
  • Flier 3

4. We’ll address your questions & concerns:

How often will I provide you with feedback on showings? How long should it take to procure an offer? What if you change your mind and decide not to sell? What is the overall process for a seller?…



My policy is to present all offers, explain the terms of each offer, advise on how to proceed and if need be, suggest counter-offer strategies to come to the highest price and most favorable terms in accordance with your needs. I will NEVER tilt your hand to another agent or buyer.

Exclusive Representation:

I never represent my own buyers on your home, so I am always negotiating for YOU. Don’t let any other agents tell you otherwise.*

Personal Service:
I am hands on with all of my transactions and will never pass off important items to an assistant, staff member or transaction coordinator. I oversee every single detail to successfully close the sale for you.**


I will always be available to you in person, on my cell phone, via email, and/or with text messages. You will not have to go through my assistant, receptionist or staff member.***

I will continue to be available to you, even after the sale, to make sure you are completely satisfied with my service.


I’ve been involved with over 100 transactions and have had 9 years of overall real estate expertise. Be cautious of other agents who combine their “years” of experience with that of their sales team. I’ve worked in the real estate field in several different capacities, not only as an agent, but also as an administrator, trainer and sales manager. I’ve bought and sold my own properties including condos, houses and income units; and I can always see a situation from my client’s perspective. You will always get my highest level of service, skill, insight, opinion and assistance.

Are we a match?

At the end of the day, most good agents do just about the same things to sell your home. Although some of us are more tech-savvy than others and some of us provide a more “boutique” service, none of us have reinvented the wheel on selling a home. You’ll want to make sure you’re working with someone who is available to you, listens to you and well, someone who “gets” you and your home. I’m not saying that I’m going to become your best friend, but we’ll decide together if we’re going to be a right match for each other.

What you need to know when listing your home:

The 4 most important considerations when listing your home for sale:

  1.  Price
  2. Condition
  3. Terms
  4. Availability to show

1. Price:

Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. When buyers perceive value based on the price, they will buy the home. Buyers want the best house at the lowest price. Market inventory (in other words: your competition) and recently closed comparable sales in the neighborhood will usually determine a buyer’s offer price. TIP: Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes. Wouldn’t you want the most value for the least amount of money?

2. Condition:

You can get top market value for the location and size of your home by making sure it’s in the best condition possible. Achieving that might involve painting, de-cluttering and staging. Buyers decide in about 10 seconds if they really like a home or not. At the very least, spruce up the curb appeal and stage the first few rooms that buyers will step into when viewing your home.

TIP: Separate yourself emotionally from the house and see it as an investment or product that needs to be sold. Sellers need to take all the emotions and memories out of the home if they are serious about selling.

3. Terms:

Sometimes there are circumstances where a buyer has lost the ability to qualify for a traditional loan because of a foreclosure or bankruptcy and the buyer needs seller-financing. Other buyers have a contingency to sell their own home or they need an extra long escrow. Or perhaps the buyer has a low down -payment loan (ie: VA or FHA) and needs to purchase from a seller who can pay some or all of his closing costs.

TIP: Don’t balk at a buyer who asks for seller-paid closing costs. It could fetch you a higher sales price if you’re one of the few sellers in the neighborhood who has equity in your home.

4. Availability to show:

You must accommodate buyers’ schedules (within reason). If the home is priced right and the photos show your home in the best possible condition, expect the bulk of the showings to take place during the first two weeks of the listing period. And be prepared for at least 3 Open Houses. Typically, a buyer’s agent will give 24 hours notice to show, but you’ll want to be ready for that last minute appointment.

TIP: Plan a vacation during the 1st two weeks of the listing. For your security, I’ll never let another agent or prospective buyer know that you’re out of town.

*If I meet a potential buyer for your home who is not represented by an agent, I will refer the buyer out to a qualified and licensed fellow agent, unless otherwise agreed.
**Occasionally, and only with your knowledge and permission, I will team up with a qualified and licensed fellow  agent to sell your home.
***After-hours communication is usually pre-scheduled or on an emergency basis.