Los Angeles Real Estate: So, you’re looking for a home with a guest house…

So you’d like to purchase a home with a Guest House or Granny Flat. Keep in mind that even if you find a house with a legally built detached structure in the back, if the zoning doesn’t permit it, chances are you can’t legally rent it out. Also beware of garage conversions with bathrooms. Typically in LA, a garage can legally be converted to a “Rec Room” as long as there is carport parking offered in lieu of the garage spots.

If you can’t find a home with a Guest House, you may want to explore some other options. I live in a house in Culver City with a legally built detached “Rec Room” that measures about 300 sq ft. This structure was already there when we purchase the house, but I was told the construction costs came to about $50K. This structure also has a legal bathroom. I came across a GREAT WEBSITE recently that calculates new construction costs based per square foot and entered in my data; the total came to about $55k, so I’m this site is fairly accurate. Check it out:


If you don’t want too build from scratch, here are some other options for a detached structure:


For extended care &/or rehabilitation of a family member or Senior, this modular medical home is designed to be
temporarily placed on a caregiver’s property:
MedCottages. I personally think this is a fantastic alternative to off-site care and the homes may be leased or purchased.



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